Keith Donavon is a regional MP struggling to be taken more seriously. He is accidentally drawn into telling a lie during a live television interview. His integrity is questioned and he must now either face the consequences of his actions, or do what whatever it takes to prove himself and avoid a scandal.


  • Montreal World Film Festival Grand Jury Prize winner
  • Munich Film Festival


Director: Joel Loxton
Writer: Joel Loxton
Producers: Raquelle David and Eleanor Winkler
Director of Photography: Michael Steel

TheKangarooGuy_Ext night dead Roo
theKangarooGuy_Wide with dead roo
theKangarooGuy_Kangaroo stares over bonnet
theKangarooGuy_press conference
theKangarooGuy_From behind shot
theKangarooGuy_Studio newsroom
theKangarooGuy_Assistant listens
theKangarooGuy_Poly explains himself
theKangarooGuy_Studio control booth
theKangarooGuy_Int Night Car drive
theKangarooGuy_Journo listens to Poly