A young boy wakes one morning to find his mother crying. He takes his father’s rifle from the shed and sets off into the bush. “Pig” tells the story of a boy trying to make sense of the desolate world he lives in and captures a small moment in his life that leaves him changed forever.


Berlin International Film Festival 2010
Vladivostok Film Festival


Writer/ Director: Tom McKeith
Producers: Trevor Howell & Tanya Goldberg
DOP: Michael Steel
Steadicam: Robert Agganis; Tom Waugh
Production & Costume Designer: Alexi Wilson
Editor: Alan Harca
1stAC’s: Rod Monk & Damian Smith
Clapper Loader: Tommy Thoms
Art Director: Shona Menzies
Film Processing: Neglab, Sydney
Colourist: Danny Scotting @Deluxe


Jamie – Jack Tompsett
Mother – Hayley McElhinney
Father – Cyrus Kaye

Pig Film: Boy standing in grass
Pig Movie: Boy in Truck
Pig film: ECU of Boy