“Beast” centers on Jaime, a Filipino-American boxer trained by his ex-pat father. When he’s convinced to tamper with his gloves in order to win a match for some criminals who have a stake in the bout, Jaime’s opponent winds up dead at its conclusion. To clear his conscience, he resolves to turn himself in, but it’s a decision that will force him to go on the run from the criminals who don’t want the word getting out.


  • Toronto International Film Festival 2015 Premiere
  • Warsaw Film Festival 2015
  • Adelaide Film Festival 2015
  • Singapore International Film Festival 2015
  • Canberra International Film Festival 2015
  • Sydney Film Festival 2016
  • World Premiere Film Festival Philippines 2016 Winner Best Feature Film ASEAN skies competition, winner Best Male Actor ASEAN skies competition
  • Silk Road International Film Festival 2016
  • Film Fest Tucson 2016
  • Guam International Film Festival 2016


Directors: McKeith Bros
Producers: Robert Coe, Will Jaymes & Bianca Balbuena
Starring: Garret Dillahunt, Angeli Bayani, Will Jaymes & introducing Chad McKinney.

Beast Film: Tattooed boxer in tunnel
Beast Film: Woman holds child in amber light
Beast Film: Man at nightclub
Beast Film: Man smokes outside apartment
Beast Film: Garrett Dillahunt looks behind
Beast Film: Garrett Dillahunt and Chad McKinney
Beast Film: Chad McKinney on phone
Scratch film:
Beast Film: Local Philippine Police
Beast Film: Garrett Dillahunt in blue light
Beast Film: Garrett Dillahunt in cab
Beast Film: Tattoo man in prison
Beast Film: Boxer gets vaseline by trainer
Beast Film: Man in blue light
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